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 The windows next to your entryway are called "sidelights".  Many of my clients want the outside light to shine in, but they also would like some privacy also.  With a stained glass sidelight you can have both.  

The most common size for sidelights are 8" x 36". 
You can order one of these styles from us.  The windows will be delivered to your home within  3 weeks with full detailed installation instructions.  They require little if any maintenance and will look the same forever.  "you're done"
 This doorway has a transome also.  If you have one  and would like it to match your sidelight, call for instructions on how to measure for that window and the transome will be built to match.
These entryways feature "full view" sidelites.  As you can see the styles may be different, but the installation and result is the same.

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This doorway was created as a "dedication" to lost family members.  I felt quite privileged to be the artist for this project.
 Glass doors are not just for entryways.

    The doorway on the right leads to the bedroom of the interior of the home. 

   The doorway on the left leads into a kitchen.

 What  a difference from a hard wooden                          door!
Sidelights can range from elegant to quite simple in composition.  Its just a matter of the clients taste and request.
A transom window over the front door can display the house address is a unique fashion.  Here sea glass and nuggets were added!