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   These beautiful windows were made for the Rienzi residence, Monterey Beach, NJ.  

 Above window - beautiful large transome overlooking the bay.
 Top left window - bathroom Andersen oval 
 Middle left window - Landing window
 Bottom left window - Bedroom study window.  This design was also used in additional                          bathroom windows for privacy.
      Textured glass was added to perimeter to let in light while maintaining privacy.
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 Some clients come to me with  exciting requests.  I was asked to reproduce this tray with a painting by Ludlow Thorston, of the boardwalk in Seaside Park  into a large window for their dining area.  
 As you can imagine, being at the shore a lot of my window designs are beach and water related.   Here are a few of my favorites!

  If you would like one for your home just give me a call at 732-606-3644.
 Ponzo residence Ortley Beach, NJ.
Can be seen while strolling the boardwalk!
This beautiful custom window faces the ocean at the Newton's family residence in Seaside Park, NJ.
(above - before installation,
below - after installation)
 There were some color changes requested by the client and a size reconfiguration, but its cool to see how close the resemblence is. 
Landing window on staircase with dogwoods and hummingbirds.
Garden fairy  made for dining room window overlooking the backyard. 
 This window was used in a wine cellar door in a beautiful residence in Sea Girt, NJ.
 Ponzo residence Ortley Beach, NJ.
This window can be see from the street side of the home.
 These Andersen windows in the foyer were enhanced with diamond bevels and rectangles. They do not block the view outside, just add sparkle and dimension.  Yes, the windows are still fully functional.

This is the first of a limited edition series of Carousel Horses drawn from actual carousel horses that were carved by famous makers around the turn of the century.  This particular one is designed and carved by Carmel-Borelli in 1910.
 This oak framed horse is 24" round and has a carousel horse glass eye, gold leaf and glass jewels to embellish.  Signed and dated by Lorna Rose.
Each piece is made on demand and takes 1 month to complete.  Only 20 will be made and comes with a brass plate discribing the horse and the number of the edition.
Price - $2,000.00

 "Stander" by Carmel-Borelli    
Limited Edition of 20.  

A new limited edition piece will be introduced each year.
Design is Copywrite 2009
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          Before Installation                                                    After Installation                                          View from Outside

Stained Glass windows can be built to enhance almost any style windows:     Ovals, Rounds, Rectangles,
Casements, double-hung,
- Ovals and Rounds -
- Double-Hung windows -
On a double-hung window the pattern is created to continue throughout both lower and upper panels.  The window is full operational while affording beauty and privacy. 
Island Heights, NJ, bathroom window 
 Half Circle transom windows
 The window above on the right is the "before" and the window on the left is the "after".  This was part of a total window renovation to a beautiful local victorian home in Toms River, NJ.
 The beautiful room divider on the left was designed and built for the Kennedy residence on Long Beach Island, NJ.  Interestingly this residence was previously the Coast Guard Station for Beach Haven.
- Casement Windows - 

Casement windows such as Andersen, Pella etc. can be enhanced to add beauty, design, and privacy.  The Stained Glass panel is created and added to the inside of the operational window.  
Nothing is changed but the view!

 This window was created after a wonderful vacation in Florida.
- Speciality Windows - 
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1957 Chevy 
This car is so cool, plus the tail light blinks!
This window was created for the anniversary of the Lanoka Harbor Fire Department.  It was mounted on a wall and lit from behind. 
  Eluminated sign created for the entryway of the 
"Le Sorelle"  fine Italian restaurant on Route 72 while on your way to Long Beach Island, NJ.
 Jimi Hendrix
 Window created for "Blondie's" restaurant in
Lakehurst, NJ.  
Mermaid flirting with sailor
                     "The Corner Bar" 
 was a special request from a client depicting their famly's favorite things for a cabinet in their home bar.   They own a floral shop, love to fish, their daughter's passion for dance....and who dosen't love a "cold one".  
C "Rebecca" is the name of this vintage carousel horse on the Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.    I was commissioned to create this stained glass version from the exact horse for my client's home.
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ClContemoporarty windows look wonderful also.  No matter what the style or taste, stained glass is a creative asset to any decor or architecture. 
"Duffy's Pub" was created for a client's personal residence.  It was built into the wall behind their bar rather than an actual window.  My client explained that it was the perfect finishing touch.
The photo above is a window that was created for an older wooden window.  The window had four individual panes and was inhanced with diamond bevels to add brilliance and style to an already beautiful home.
The photo on the left is an existing door that my client wanted me to duplicate in a plain window that was put in after a wall air conditioner was removed.
The photo on the right is the window that I created to match the door.  
Both the door and the window were located in the same room and added balance to the room.
The stained glass window actually made the window look larger than it did before the installation.
 Many of my clients come to me with various requests, design ideas, and some come to me with problem areas that they want to change or enhance.

When a client is having a window replaced in a future renovation, I will ask if I can get the window that is to be installed before it is put into the home.  Then I build the stained glass piece and mount it into window.  The contractor can then put the window into the home completed when ready for the install. 
When the window is in....the whole effect is complete!  No extra waiting.

I love contemporary designs in stained glass.  Most people don't think of stained glass in this way, but I just love the look.  
This piece was built into the window before it was installed into the home as I discribed.
Octogon windows look very different when stained glass is added as you can see.
This window lives in a home at the Jersey Shore, just where it belongs!