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                             Stained Glass Gallery

     The Stained Glass Gallery's owner, Lorna Rose, has been a professional stained glass artist for over 25 years.  Originally from Rahway, she relocated to the Jersey shore with her two daughters in 1984.

     As a teenager she would design, sew and wear custom made clothing.  "My mother was proud I used the gift she taught me, but I'm sure she was pretty shocked at some of my creations".  Lorna also dabbled in sculpting and oil and acrylic painting.  However, her lifelong passion is stained glass and it shows in her work.

     Lorna has an innovative style that blends precise realism with artistic creation using vibrant colors, striking textured clears, line placement and composition which make her work stand out from the rest.

     Lorna opened The Stained Glass Gallery in 1993 and has been pleasing and exciting clients ever since.
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