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It is easy to update your kitchen by  simply inserting a stained glass panel into a door.  Whether one, two or all of the doors are changed, the difference could be quite dramatic.

If you would like to order a panel for your kitchen, simply contact us with the size of your opening (some doors must have center panel routed out) and discuss the style you would like.

I will help you with measurement, design and colors to match your decor.

The panels will be constructed to your specifications and delivered to your home.  Please allow 2 weeks for your panels to be designed and built.

Complete installation instructions will accompany your order.
Email us for a quote today!
C Its easy to update your kitchen by changing the hardware and inserting glass doors.  This is the same kitchen before and after these small changes.

Sometimes there are two cabinets that are created, side by side to express a total design.  They are all unique to the ideas of the client.  
 There are times when the smaller cabinets are over a stove or sink, yet they can be matched to a taller cabinet in the same kitchen.
Cabinet insert are alway created to the customers preferences.   Pick your  favorite flower and create it  with the glass colors of your choice to enhance or accent the color pallet of your room.

The upper left is a stylized blossom of no particular flower - on the contemorary side.          
While the red rose in the lower left was drawn and built to be as a lifelike long stemmed rose.
The pink orchid on the right was done in the  art nouveau style.  

It is allways your choice of style, taste and glass color selection.
C Being at the Jersey Shore, many people prefer some "shore life" in their cabinetry.
C To the left is a single the right is a matched set, creating a full sage green circle.
C  These are merely a few of the cabinets I have built over the many years.  More will be added as time goes by....